Our partners are accomplished experts in assessment, strategy, leadership development, branding, executive coaching & organizational development.

We come together from diverse walks of life bringing our passions for creating a positive change in people & organizations.   Our unified belief that leadership can be learned and then demonstrated, sparks a fire in us and our clients.

Our approach is personal & innovative.

Our sole objective is to see you succeed and grow.

John Kanengieter , Principal

John Kanengieter, Principal

Ginny Hutchinson , Principal

Ginny Hutchinson, Principal

John McConnell , Partner

John McConnell, Partner

Jeff Ashby , Partner

Jeff Ashby, Partner

Rider , the Cowboy Pup

Rider, the Cowboy Pup

Our team boasts both theoretical and practical expertise in leadership and business strategy.  We bring to the table a wide variety of skills stemming from decades of experience teaching leadership, running Fortune 500 companies, leading expeditions and            even commanding space shuttle missions!  

We focus on giving you the tools needed to be a great leader of a successful, collaborative & high performaning team.